Hire the 25 Tonne Slew Crane for Construction Projects in Griffith

Find the right equipment for the job.

Our 25 tonne slew crane is a road driven crane that is suitable for small to medium sized construction applications. Unlike the pick and carry crane, slewing mobile cranes incorporate a boom or jib that can be rotated. Strong reliable performance combined with ease of operation make this machine a favourite amongst crane hires.

Benefits of hiring your construction equipment from MIA Crane Service

There are numerous advantages to hiring your machinery and equipment from MIA Crane Service for any given construction project. Not only does it allow you to minimise your overhead costs, but it also ensures you are given access to the most reliable machinery on the market. As we always strive to keep our fleet in pristine working condition with regular servicing and maintenance, you are only given the very best we have to offer.

Choosing to hire our 25 tonne is also practical for clients who only require such speciality equipment temporarily. If you only require a slew crane for a day’s worth of lifting, then hiring the construction equipment you need is the most cost effective solution available to you.


Suited for construction both big and small throughout Griffith and surrounds

This particular crane is immensely versatile and able to accommodate a broad variety of applications. High performing and reliable, you’ll find no better machine to assist with your specific construction needs, whether in Griffith or the neighbouring suburbs. If your project is spread across multiple work sites and you need to transport certain equipment, shipping containers, or parts, we can offer our drop deck trailer for all your transport needs.

Speak to our team today regarding any enquiries

If you have any questions regarding our fleet of cranes available for hire, or the types of construction sites they can be utilised for, contact us today for further information. We’re always happy to assist our customers in any way possible and will gladly offer an obligation free quote.